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  1. Home Charging Installation
    Hi... I'm in Ireland. My electrician installed an ABB Terra 7.4 kw. Sometimes it works when i plug it into my EV. Othertimes, it disconnects as soon as i start the transaction - in the app I can see the voltage go up to 230/240 but zero watt hours are consumed as the relay closes and then...
  2. Home Charging Installation
    Just chatting to an installer who was stating the install needs to meet Regulation 18 or something and lots don't? Also said must have an earth rod (they only provide wallbox) Finally said tethered with work with type 1 and 2 universally When pushed - they said it is a type 2 but you use a...
  3. General Charging Discussion
    Interested to know if everyones installed charging points have had earth rods installed. Cheers, Sam
1-3 of 3 Results