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  1. DBT AC charging bug

    General Charging Discussion
    It seems that the DBT bug relating to not spotting a disconnected AC charging vehicle still happens, even with the Electric Highway software, and emergency stop doesn't work. I guess that in normal working hours, the people in the Electric Highway office probably spot these, and get the units...
  2. Ecotricity charging changes

    General EV Discussion
    How do we all feel about start a petition to ask Ecotricity to bring back RFID cards and charging per KW. My problems with the current system are: Ecotricty assume we can all use a Smart mobile. Wrong, 20% of people still carry a dumb phone and that number is actually increasing due to privacy...
  3. Charging Away From Home

    Renault ZOE
    We charge at home mostly. We've slow-charged our Fluence for almost three years and it's worked fine, I don't think we ever needed to top up anywhere else than at home. So, when the Zoe arrived we charged both from the same power supply, opting to have the Zoe on at 3kw rather than the 7kw...
  4. Ecotricity 52

    General Charging Discussion
    Just had an email that being an Ecotricity customer only entitles me to 52 free charges but I have not seen that on any previous communications.
  5. Ecotricity have stopped expanding their network

    General Charging Discussion
    I've noticed recently that the growth in the Ecotricity Electric Highway has stalled completely. Are they going to continue expanding now that they're 'charging for charging' or are they recouping costs incurred so far? You can see the Ecotricity graph, and others, here: EV Status
  6. IKEA rapid chargers no longer free

    General Charging Discussion
    TLDR; From the morning of 14th November, it will cost £6 for a 30 minute charge from all our IKEA pumps. Full email received from Ecotricity today: "Dear scott, We’ve noticed that you’ve charged up using one of our pumps at an IKEA store recently, so we just wanted to let you know that from...
  7. New Ecotricity locations

    Charging Locations
    Alongside the long-awaited Sandbach Services Southbound, there's also a new one in Kent in the works, which is showing up in the app as 'no pumps currently available', and given that Ecotricity no longer keep their main web map up to date, I thought I'd mention it here, and it's due to be a...
  8. Battle for access to charging points

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hi Leafers! I live in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire close to M1 and Welcome Break services are located literally under my nose. However I can't get to their Ecotricity points without getting on M1. This would add about 30 miles to the trip and is simply illogical already having a side road...
  9. Picking up my new i3 BEV next week

    Ice Breakers
    hello, I've been lurking for a couple of months and now my i3 is being delivered to Fairfield BMW in Leigh-on-sea today so I thought I'd say hi. Firstly - massive thanks to all on the thread, it's been a great help in informing choices along the way and for the Fleetdrive recommendations...
  10. Ecotricity losing money from charging network, says Electric Highway MD

    General Charging Discussion
    Following on from all the chat about Ecotricity's price raise over the last few weeks, their MD has just released an interview saying how much money they were losing with the unsustainable business model. How do people feel about this now they've heard the other side of the argument? Check out...
  11. Problem with Taunton Deane NB Ecotricity pump — Potential fallback?

    General Charging Discussion
    Sadly had my first bad experience with the Electric Highway since the recent changes. Rolled into the northbound Taunton Deane services yesterday to find the Ecotricity pump vacant, but when I tried to use the app I got a message telling me the point was already in use and couldn't be used...
  12. Ecotricitys views on the Outlander....

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
    Ecotricity blames £6 charge on Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs ‘clogging up’ network | Motoring Research This makes me mad!!!!!!!
  13. Ecotricity MegaThread

    General Charging Discussion
    just checking the Nissan EV "Promise" The previous version said that the use of Ecotricity chargers would be free until 31 Dec 2015, and then would be reviewed. The new version says "Charging on the Ecotricity Electric Highway is free for all Nissan Electric Vehicles customers until 31 March...
  14. Apple Pay?

    General Charging Discussion
    As our car charging is normally initiated by RFID cards supplied by the various networks, I wonder if the networks will ever enable use of Apple Pay and similar payment systems. My wallet is bulging with charge cards, loyalty scheme cards, various passes etc etc and got me thinking, it would be...
  15. Ecotricity Network Improvements

    Charging Locations
    I know that historically the rapid charge network had a bit of a bad reputation but things have really improved over the last year. I think the graph below pretty much sums up how much work Ecotricity have been doing. The live graph can be seen over on my site, EV Status, here: EV Status...
  16. Ecotricity charger only delivering 53A

    General Charging Discussion
    I have a Peugeot Ion. I have charged it at Ecotricity fast chargers before, in Chester, and in N Wales. They always seem to charge at about 100A. Today I popped in to the Mile End, Oswestry services, to charge up there. I was only getting 53A. Is this a problem with the car, or the charger...
  17. Is Ecotricity's Free Rapid Charging Network Stifling Investment, Competition?

    General EV Discussion
    All this Talk of the future of EV Charging stations got me thinking Does Ecotricity's free charging network prevent others joining the business of rapid charging? My thoughts Do Free Rapids Prevent? 1. Investment from other companies 2. New Charging locations due to free ones already...
  18. Reading West (westbound) - AC type 2

    Charging Locations
    Got this while charging at reading yesterday, plugged in for 8 minutes, unit reported it was charging, but got 0 kwh. Anyone got experience of this? Am I doing something wrong?
  19. Anyone near Cobham?

    Charging Locations
    I'd like to use the CHAdeMO at M25 Cobham services in a few weeks on the way to France, but I've noticed that there were reports on ZapMap of a faulty unit there in July and again in December 2015. Has anyone been there recently? Do you have any up to date information about the state of...
  20. How to get info about Ecotricity repair schedule

    Charging Locations
    I'll be going to Ikea in Milton Keynes in the next few weeks, but according to Zap-Map, their charge point has been offline since at least 3 Dec. I tried tweeting @ElecHighway but their response was a rather unhelpful "please check map on our website" which, as far as I can tell, simply says...