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  1. Using the wrong card

    General Charging Discussion
    I couldn't get my charge to stop at an Ecotricity rapid today. Pressed the stop charging button then presented my Ecotricity card but it just rejected it and went back to the charging screen. I retried several times. The screen said it needed the same card that started the session. After a...
  2. Ecotricity's Electric Highway at All Time Best !

    General Charging Discussion
    Only 13 rapid charge points are shown as out of order on their map today, 5 ChadeMo/AC and 6 CCS out of a total of 283. That is a fantastic effort to get the charge points up an running and all involved should be congratulated !
  3. Charging at South Mimms? May as well drink a bottle of Pimms!

    General Charging Discussion
    Curious goings on here tonight. First Supercharging attempt - power for around a minute then a fail. Moved car to second Supercharger. All good for maybe 10 minutes then it failed. Dashed outside to stop, then re initiate and it failed more quickly the next time. Maybe two minutes. In and out...
  4. Another long road trip

    General Charging Discussion
    Back to Glasgow, this time starting and stopping in Wiltshire. No chargers failed, everything perfect. A419 / M5 / M6 / A74(M)/ M74 and back. Observations: M5 between Gloucester and Frankley is a bit thin on charging. The Beeches car park CYC at Cirencester was brilliant, £4 isn't too bad, if...
  5. How did I screw up my first Ecotricity charge?

    General Charging Discussion
    Earlier today I tried to charge my i3 using the CCS port at Wheatley Services, Oxford. The blue light on the car's port was merrily flashing away, the cable was locked in, and the app reported the car was charging. Yet, apparently, no charging happened whatsoever! Before cancelling the...