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  1. Spotted

    Tesla Model 3
    Two 3s this morning, 03/09/2019, both 19 plates. One heading north on the A90 near Cramond Brig out of Edinburgh just before 8:00 am and the second one less than 15 minutes later on the Maybury Road north of the roundabout heading towards Barnton. Both of them were blue with the non-aero...
  2. Edinburgh Plans to install thirty-five 22kW *DC* chargers by 2020

    General Charging Discussion
    Edinburgh council has recently produced a report stating that they will need to install a total of 69 chargepoints to support electric vehicle use in Edinburgh by 2020. This includes 9 rapid chargers, 35 fast chargers and 25 slow chargers. By 2023, 211 chargepoints are forecasted to be required...
  3. Lecture: Nordic Horizons - Electric Dreams Tues 5th Dec 6-8pm, Edinburgh

    General EV Discussion
    This event might be of interest to EV drivers in the Edinburgh area. Tues 5th December 1800-2000 Speaker: Petter Haugneland, Communications Director, Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association Chair: Lesley Riddoch, writer and broadcaster Climate change poses serious challenges for transport...
  4. First long run

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    After 1 month of very happy Leaf ownership (2015 24kw 15k miles) decided on a trip to Edinburgh approx 200 ml round trip. Was a doddle - full charge from home then rapid at Jedburgh. Interesting going over Carter Bar, 0-400m climb, 20 miles range left at the top, 30 miles left at Jedburgh! Then...