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  1. Tesla model 3 rear motor

    General EV Discussion
    What is the weight of model 3's rear wheel drive motor, without the inverter, differential pully etc? the whole rear drive unit weighs about 200 pounds. I want this information to calculate the power to weight ratio of this internal permanent magnet AC motor.
  2. EV Compare survey

    General EV Discussion
    Hi, It’s Den from EV Compare. I’ve been using this forum to collect feedback on our new website features like: Electric Car Market Overview (chart) Electric car charging calculator Quiz: ''Are You an Electric Vehicle Expert?'' Test: ''Your perfect electric car'' Now we are running a short...
  3. One question for a school project, please help!

    General EV Discussion
    Hey y’all! A few years ago for a project I asked this same website a few questions and it was the highlight of my presentation, so here I am again. To anybody that drives an electric car or is purely interested in them 1. Do you think the recent boom in ev cars will be in history books 50...
  4. Electric vehicle incentives map of the USA — feedback needed

    General EV Discussion
    Hi, I would like to share the EV incentives map of the USA. I’ve collected the information about current electric vehicle financial and non-financial incentives and created an interactive map. The main source is Electric Vehicles: Tax Credits and Other Incentives However, some incentives...
  5. Electric Car Market Overview (chart)

    General EV Discussion
    We are happy to present you the Electric Car Market Overview. Our intention was to create a useful and simple tool that gives you a birds-eye view of the market. It is available to anyone free of charge. Electric Cars Market Overview The EV Market Overview looks like this: How to use it? 1...
  6. For Sale 2015 White Renault Zoe Dynamique Zen

    Drive Green
    2015 White Renault Zoe Dynamique Zen Miles: 13,595 Price: £7,495 This 2015 Renault Zoe is now on the Drive Green forecourt. This car has been well looked after, is in great condition and looks fantastic in it’s bright white finish. This model has a 24kWh battery. This particular car comes...
  7. Formula E Brand Image Survey (with chance to win Formula E tickets)

    Formula E and Electric Motorsport
    Hey guys, I am currently writing my Master thesis about brand image effects of sponsoring Formula E and I am searching for motorsport fans and especially Formula E fans to participate in my survey. As small incentive to participate, you will get the chance to win a set of Formula E tickets and...
  8. Current electric powered cars are practical and economical?

    General EV Discussion
    Dear All, My name is Radu and I am working for a start-up with the purpose of making electric cars be more practical and popular. If you have a couple of minutes free, please help us by offering your feedback as an electric car user by completing the questionnaire that you can find at the...
  9. Some Model 3 Pics and Video from a visitor's camera at 28 Oct

    Tesla Model 3
    Hi, I found a kOol video shot by a visitor at the event Anthony Ngo and I took out some photos from it of the Silver Model 3... great to look closely how your reserved thing is looking in real ! check out the pics/video here: Exclusive Model 3 HD Photos & Video from Tesla Powerwall 2 Launch...
  10. Why I drive electric....... and why do you ?

    General EV Discussion
    As the founder of a dedicated electric car website it probably makes sense for me to drive an EV. I do, and do so in 'The Millennium Falcon', my beloved white BMW i3, motoring around with my young Daughter as my side-kick, she too loves the Falcon..... Read the rest of my story here Why do...
  11. All the things you need to know about EVs in one guide.

    General EV Discussion
    Electric Car Insider’s EV Buyers Guide is providing you all the information you need to know about the vehicle you will potentially buy or are looking for. You can get an advanced copy of the digital or paper edition through our Kickstarter page. Read more about Electric Car Insider's EV...
  12. I Drive Electric Because I Love My Children More Than You Do

    General EV Discussion
    I woke up feeling the need to write this - but now I'm wondering if it might get me into trouble! ‘I Drive Electric Because I Love My Children More Than You Do’