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  1. Ecotricity have stopped expanding their network

    General Charging Discussion
    I've noticed recently that the growth in the Ecotricity Electric Highway has stalled completely. Are they going to continue expanding now that they're 'charging for charging' or are they recouping costs incurred so far? You can see the Ecotricity graph, and others, here: EV Status
  2. IKEA rapid chargers no longer free

    General Charging Discussion
    TLDR; From the morning of 14th November, it will cost £6 for a 30 minute charge from all our IKEA pumps. Full email received from Ecotricity today: "Dear scott, We’ve noticed that you’ve charged up using one of our pumps at an IKEA store recently, so we just wanted to let you know that from...
  3. In defence of the Electric Highway

    General Charging Discussion
    Well, over the past 3 days I've driven over 600 miles in the LEAF and the Electric Highway has been faultless. No queues and I got a charge at every attempt. The only issue was one of the units at Hilton Park had no data connection but the fallback allowed a free charge without needing the...
  4. Charging where ever I go - When ever needed

    General Charging Discussion
    I don't like to burn gas at all but, I can carry a small 2400 watt suitcase generator in the trunk of my converted Saturn SC2. The generator can level 1 charge the car. Charging at home and at work makes most of my driving easy and worry free. I would still like to believe that long trips and...
  5. Ecotricity Network Improvements

    Charging Locations
    I know that historically the rapid charge network had a bit of a bad reputation but things have really improved over the last year. I think the graph below pretty much sums up how much work Ecotricity have been doing. The live graph can be seen over on my site, EV Status, here: EV Status...
  6. How to get info about Ecotricity repair schedule

    Charging Locations
    I'll be going to Ikea in Milton Keynes in the next few weeks, but according to Zap-Map, their charge point has been offline since at least 3 Dec. I tried tweeting @ElecHighway but their response was a rather unhelpful "please check map on our website" which, as far as I can tell, simply says...
  7. Ecotricity's Electric Highway at All Time Best !

    General Charging Discussion
    Only 13 rapid charge points are shown as out of order on their map today, 5 ChadeMo/AC and 6 CCS out of a total of 283. That is a fantastic effort to get the charge points up an running and all involved should be congratulated !