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  1. Futureproofing for an EV Charger Install

    General EV Discussion
    Hello all, I'm after some advice from those with knowledge on EV Charger installs. Both my girlfriend and I believe we'll have an EV in the next couple of years We're about to start a house and garage refurb, including new consumer unit etc in house, and power for garage (via armoured cable...
  2. Home charger preperations?

    General Charging Discussion
    I am going to be placing an order for my first EV soon, and will be getting a 32A 7kw chargemaster point installed in my garage. I was recently thinking about the install of this, and have a couple of questions. 1 - Can a charge point be mounted to a timber building? All installs i have seen...
  3. E V electricians in the Midlands

    Ice Breakers
    Hi everyone I've recently bought a Ford Transit 350 that was converted from new by Smith in 2011. Unfortunately I may possibly have been diddled or just unlucky, as soon after I got it it started randomly tripping the rcd on the house circuit that I charge it from. Even worse, the charging...
  4. EV Charger Purchase and Installation Feedback

    General Charging Discussion
    Hey guys, I am a student at the new Cornell Tech University in New York City and I am currently working on a project with Con Edison to make EV charging more affordable, accessible and competitive. I would love some feedback from you all regarding the topic. Specifically: - What are the...
  5. can a charger be installed before the consumer unit?

    General Charging Discussion
    apologies if this has been covered off... I'm having a wall box fitted (32amp bmw wallbox pure), the meter is at the side of the house, where I want the charger installed. The consumer unit is by the front door. The installer says he'll need to run conduit round the front of the house... I'm...