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  1. Energy Tariffs like Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems

    General EV Discussion
    Is it worth doing any of these? Static time-of-use energy tariffs Different price bands for electricity throughout the day Dependent on the time of day, day of the week, or season Higher rates are applied when demand for electricity is greater In some cases, installation of a smart electricity...
  2. Anyone actually on Greenenergy TIDES?

    Power, Fuel, Alt Energy and Environmental Impact
    I signed up around October. Two meter replacements later I'm still on "pre-tide" and there's no actual electricity consumption on my bills (just standing charge and gas). I fear that one of these days there'll be a reckoning. After the first meter change they eventually told me they weren't...
  3. Switch to Pure Planet and both get £25 Amazon voucher! (Cheaper then Bulb + 100% Green Energy)

    General Charging Discussion
    I have just completed the switch from Bulb to Pure Planet as they are coming out cheaper for me (East Midlands anyways)! They don’t do a E7 tarif, just 11.2p KWh 24/7! I find this better then an E7 as then I can charge the EV anytime of day, pure convince! My referral link is: Pure Planet -...