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  1. Not much has changed in 40 years

    General EV Discussion
    At least regarding journalist's questions:
  2. London Borough of Enfield maintenance contract

    Charging Locations
    After I raised an issue with London Borough of Enfield via www.fixmystreet.com about a long-faulty (>2 years) chargepoint, and what was going to happen to it, I got this from them: Classification: OFFICIAL Dear Simon The Council has entered into a contract with Chargemaster PLC to replace...
  3. Abandoned Charge Points

    General Charging Discussion
    First off this is possibly a London area specific issue so i'll apologise in advance. We took delivery of a Soul EV recently and everything has been fine, except for public charging. Specifically the issue of "legacy" chargers operated by Source London, how has this situation been allowed to...