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  1. Engenie - The Elms Pub Lutterworth

    Charging Locations
    Just had a chance to use the new Engenie point at this location. Very nice, worked smoothly on CCS, only hitch was that the plug locks into the charger (that's actually a good idea to avoid it ending up on the floor) but until it released I thought it was stuck into the charger. The location...
  2. Hello from Engenie!

    Ice Breakers
    Hello all. I wanted to stop in and introduce myself, having recently taken the plunge to leave Amazon after several years launching and running the Amazon Locker project and join Engenie to roll out rapid chargers across the UK. Our chargers, though few in number today, are accessible to all -...
  3. Engenie, getting ready for tariffs

    Charging Locations
    I've noticed that the Engenie ABB rapid chargers in Cheshire and Fleet are now showing up on the Fortum Charge and Drive backend - as used by EV Driver and Franklin Energy, so I guess they're getting ready to start putting a tariff on them, and I guess it will be true pay-as-you-go as per other...
  4. Engenie ABB Rapid Charger in Fleet Town Centre

    Renault ZOE
    This was installed a few weeks ago in the car park behind Sainsbury's. It has AC, CCS and Chamedo with 2 parking bays. I'm told that it has a 100A 3-phase supply. The first time I used it, there was a BMW already charging, but it let me go through the connection procedure, then said that...
  5. Nantwich rapid chargers

    Charging Locations
    Anyone know about the 2 rapid chargers in the Love Lane car park in Nantwich? I called there this morning. Neither charger was in use. They are ABB units, both are CHAdeMO, CCS/SAE & Mennekes. They are run by engenie. A sign says parking is free when charging but maximum stay is 1 hour...