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  1. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Why does my car make a metallic clicking sound after being parked?
  2. Other EV Makes and Models
    Hello, I am considering changing the engine of my van, and make it electric (I can't afford a Tesla or other expensive cars on the market). Did any of you had experience in this ? Any company you would recommend who could do such job ? Price range ? Are we just talking about swapping the engine...
  3. First Generation Ampera and Volt
    I noticed my Ampera has no plastic air deflector under the engine Am I missing something?
  4. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    So for a few weeks now me and my family stepped away from manual cars and towards two automatics. Not because of the same reasons though. I noticed on the driveway of the highways that there seems to be a long pause before getting the full engine power. Accelerating from 50 km/h to 130 km/h on...
  5. Ice Breakers
    Hi All, first post so please bear with me as I learn the terminology. I have a 2012 Ampera thats broken down a couple of times now and im not getting many answers from Vauxhall and/or Vauxhall dealerships so I thought i'd share it here to see if anyone else has had the problem. A couple of...
  6. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    So one of my greatest concerns with this car, is driving along in E-mode, then deciding I need a blast of power, when the ICE is stone cold. Its just something I'm not prepared todo, for the below reasons. Now, maybe its because of my Subaru background, it was a hard and fast rule that you...
1-6 of 6 Results