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  1. UK Charge-point options for 'Looped Supply'

    General EV Discussion
    Help.... We have an Audi E-Tron on order which is due to arrive in a couple of weeks and I have now stumbled across what appears to quite a common issue in regards to a 'Looped Supply' Our current scenario is detailed below, I'm really looking for some advice on what our options are as I seem...
  2. EV Owners in the UK

    Ice Breakers
    Hey all! If you could spend a few minutes answering 8 questions in my survey that will be very helpful! Electric Vehicles
  3. How to see FA Cup final today in Scotland?

    Off Topic and Banter
    Okay, so I have Freeview telly (or Council TV+) as my sister calls it :LOL: Don't have Sky etc. So I would like to watch the FA Cup final between Man U - Chelsea on BBC. Only thing is I live in Scotland and the diddy cup final with Celtic v Motherwell is scheduled at same time and will be shown...
  4. Bristol to South Scotland in a T2 only charging SmartCar

    General EV Discussion
    I have an opportunity to buy a SmartCar that is slow T2 charging only. Does not rapid charge unfortunately. Would drive it home from Bristol area to South Scotland. Likely route would be M5, M42/A42 (passing by Birmingham), onto Nottingham area and up the M1/A1. I know it would be a crappy...
  5. 265 miles in a iMIEV in 26hrs - a crazy trip

    General Mitsubishi EV Discussion
    Nottingham to South East Scotland, 265 miles. I left approx. 11am on Thursday, and got home at 1pm on the Friday - 26hrs!!!! I didn't sleep, although plenty resting at chargers. Attached picture shows me getting the 2009 Mistubishi iMIEV from @FarmboyUK of Drive Green in Nottingham. I am not a...
  6. Unexpected, very powerful, acceleration surge BMWi3 UK

    BMW i3
    In October 2016, my partner and I purchased a new BMWi3, without the range extender. We understand we were one of the first buyers of this updated i3 in the U.K. Since then, in January 2017 (my partner driving) and again in April 2017 (when I was driving) we have had two accidents, both caused...
  7. A1 North East England Charging status

    Charging Locations
    Am doing a trip from Scotland down the A1 to Seahouses in Northumberland to see the seabirds/Farne Islands tomorrow. ZapMap is showing that Berwick-Upon-Tweed (Swan Sports Centre) Rapid, and Seahouses fast charger are both down as of 31-Mar. Great for me if that is the case, I don't suppose...
  8. For Sale The Most Competitive Nissan Leaf Deals...

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
  9. Euro 2016 - AKA England disappointment megathread

    Off Topic and Banter
    Did anyone watch the matches last night? Although an England fan, I was mightily impressed with Wales performance, I think they performed admirably and would love them to progress. A shame we will be forced to give them a good humping on the 16th - I hope they go through with us though ...