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  1. Driving in Europe - Leaf 40

    General EV Discussion
    After multiple trips to the north of France/Belgium, I thought I would share my experiences. Travelling from Wiltshire, the first task was to get to the ferry in Dover. In Summer this can easily be done with one-stop but in Winter this means two stops. I easily lose 20-25 miles in winter vs...
  2. LED Headlamps in Europe

    Nissan Leaf40
    I have a late 2018, 40kwh Leaf fitted with LED headlamps. If I take the car to France, do I need to fit those stick-on headlamp deflectors or are the LED beams "flat"? There is nothing in the manual and when I called the Nissan (no)helpline they said ask the dealer (who had no idea!). Maybe...
  3. Renault Zoe No Longer European Champion?

    Renault ZOE
    So Renault have lost the title of best selling European EV? : Nissan LEAF Takes European Sales Crown From Renault ZOE or do we not trust EagleAID? The Year To Date figures were pretty close in March according to Clean Technica : Nissan LEAF Amazes In EV Sales Record Storm (Europe Electric Car...
  4. Driving around Europe - resources?

    General EV Discussion
    HNY all. Question and a suggestion for the new year. Is there a website anywhere that lists all the EV charger companies in Europe on a country by country basis? For example, if I were to drive across Germany, how do I find out which companies I need to register an app with or get an RFID...
  5. i3 roadtrip - Warwick to Germany and back

    General EV Discussion
    My son and I are travelling to the Belgian Grand Prix, staying in Germany. Our vehicle is a 2015 i3 Rex with rapid charge (CCS), and we are travelling out just using electric (75 mile max range) but will travel back using both electric and petrol Rex. I have owned the car less than a month so...
  6. A journey through Europe with an i3

    Charging Locations
    Hey all, I'm waiting for my BMW i3 94Ah ReX to be delivered in September (btw, great deal for a business hire at BMW Park Lane), and I was just wondering if it would be crazy enough to leave with that car for a long haul trip through Europe. My plan would be to leave London, take the ferry in...
  7. EU Membership - In or Out?

    Off Topic and Banter
    With all the news about the "deal" Cameron is negotiating on the UK's EU membership, have you heard enough to make up your mind on which way to vote in the forthcoming referendum i.e. stay in or leave the EU?
  8. Tesla destination charging

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Has anyone heard about or seen Tesla's destination chargers at hotels or other public places in Europe (including UK)? I think the program was supposed to start in Q2 2015 but I haven't seen -any- sign of it...