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  1. Six Free Chargers in Festival Place, Basingstoke

    Charging Locations
    From Monster Makeover | Festival Place | Basingstoke | Hampshire : They are located on Level 5 of the car park.
  2. Smart+ - ChargedEV's brand new Smart Charger

    Yesterday we released this video: Our new Smart+ offering is quite simply one of the smartest EV chargers on the market offering a range of innovative features for the driver and optimised by our award winning Kaluza platform. A revolutionary smart charger for electric vehicles with...
  3. Interview about the experience as an EV Driver

    General EV Discussion
    Dear all, As part of my role within EVBox, I’m running interviews to find out more about the experience of the EV drivers (how do you find the infrastructure, what apps/websites do you use, what changes would you like to see in the future, etc.). If you are driving an electric or hybrid car...
  4. Future of EV

    Ice Breakers
    Hey! We are students at the Glasgow School of Art currently doing a project about the future of electric vehicles and their charging stations. We were wondering what wishes and fears people had about the future of electric vehicles and their charging points?
  5. Hi from Pod Point

    Ice Breakers
    Hello fellow EV enthusiasts. We're here to join the conversation and help you with any questions you may have regarding our products. Our account will be managed by our team of industry experts, who are looking forward to answering your questions and joining in the discussions. :)
  6. Hotels with EV charging

    General Charging Discussion
    I am thinking about going to Cornwall in June for a little weekend break and wondered if anyone knew of any hotels or websites that lists hotels with EV charging? Its been a mission looking through hostels that might offer this service. Thanks
  7. How far could you drive for the price of your mobile phone deal?

    General Charging Discussion
    Ever compared everyday costs that you never give a second thought to, with how far you could drive in your EV each year for the same amount? Worked it out for my BMW i3 and was staggered that my Vodafone £25/month deal could take me 8,500 miles on grid power, or 17,000 on PV. There's loads of...
  8. Solar Carports Ltd - Fuel your journey from the power of the sun...

    Ice Breakers
    Solar Carports Ltd are delighted to join Speak EV, and to begin to offer our products and services to all members. Based in the UK, we design, manufacture and install Solar Carports to suit every customer type, from Domestic installations, through Retail parking, Industrial and Commercial...
  9. Nissan leaf ev

    General Charging Discussion
    I have recently purchased a nissan leaf i have a standard wall charger which takes a long time to charge. So i contacted charge master and they quoted me £449 for the 7.5 kwh charge station. i wanted to know if it is best to just ask an electrician to do the wiring from my mains and insert a...
  10. EV Demographics of Ownership

    General EV Discussion
    Hello all, We are currently assessing a roll-out strategy of what locations will work best for our LiFe charging network. Does anyone have access to data showing EV and PHEV ownership in the UK and the demographics of drivers? Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Robert.
  11. POD Point CEO - Fully Charged Interview

    General Charging Discussion
    Bobby Llewellyn interviews POD Point CEO, Erik Fairbairn in the lastest episode of Fully Charged. Any comments and feedback welcome!
  12. Tesla Wall Connector

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi All, We finally have confirmation from Tesla that their Wall Connector (Tesla's own branded Type-2 tethered EVSE charge-station) will be available from next week. Due to limited availability initially, we require your Tesla VIN number to reserve one if you're interested. We expect demand...