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  1. Free Charging Stations for destination locations

    Charging Locations
    Hi all, Zero Carbon World have some single phase and three phase charging stations available for suitable destination locations (places with public parking and something to do while charging an EV) - so if you have a local destination/venue willing to install at their location (charging station...
  2. For Sale Holiday Cottage with EV Charging July Availability

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Late availability ....10% Discount for July holidays Sleep 6 Adults & 1 one child 1 min walk to Pevensey Bay Beach Sussex, & 5 min walk to Pubs & Cafes Secure garden & parking with EV Charging Boston Baby Grand Piano (well maintained) Super fast fibre...
  3. Electricity suppliers best deal for EV?

    First Generation Ampera and Volt
    I'm having to change electricity suppliers after economy energy went bust, my cost has gone from10.5p to 15.75p with OVO. So i;m looking for a new suppler any recommendations? UK average is 14.3p so looking for 12p or a near as I can get.
  4. For Sale Holiday Cottage with EV Charging (32Amp)

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    *Black Friday 10% discount off any booking made before midnight Sunday 25 November 2018 * Our Beautiful 5*Coastal Holiday Cottage (with secure parking & EV Charging), Sleeps 6 Adults & 1 Child.. Just 1 hour 30 minutes from London, If walks along a peaceful beach (50 metres away), returning to a...
  5. Save on EV Charging @ home!

    Hello everyone! We just wanted to let you know, if you are in need of EV Charging @ Home, save £25 with us! Use code SPEAK25 for your discount ⚡️ Thanks, Liam ⚡️
  6. Just 7 working days!

    We just wanted to let all new EV owners who are in need of a dedicated chargepoint at home, our current average lead time (see picture) Also, don't forget to use our SpeakEV discount code, SPEAK25, for £25 off your order! Thanks, Liam ⚡️
  7. Hello from ChargedEV!

    Ice Breakers
    Hi all, Wanted to introduce ourselves and mainly me (Liam) and my colleague (Ben) who will be active within the SpeakEV forum! Liam - I'm 23; love cars, photography, videography, graphic design, animation and pretty much all things creative! I started work at ChargedEV in January 2017 as the...
  8. Switch to Pure Planet and both get £25 Amazon voucher! (Cheaper then Bulb + 100% Green Energy)

    General Charging Discussion
    I have just completed the switch from Bulb to Pure Planet as they are coming out cheaper for me (East Midlands anyways)! They don’t do a E7 tarif, just 11.2p KWh 24/7! I find this better then an E7 as then I can charge the EV anytime of day, pure convince! My referral link is: Pure Planet -...
  9. Future of EV

    Ice Breakers
    Hey! We are students at the Glasgow School of Art currently doing a project about the future of electric vehicles and their charging stations. We were wondering what wishes and fears people had about the future of electric vehicles and their charging points?
  10. Invitation to our User Testing Evening

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello! :) We're holding a User Testing evening on the 2nd and 3rd Novemeber at our HQ in Old St, London. If you're interested in coming along read more information about the event and sign up here: Pod Point Labs User Testing Evening Invitation
  11. BMW i3, i8 and 330e used to develop solar carports...

    BMW i3
    Over the past 2 years, we've developed our Solar Carports using the superb BMW i3 as the main test car, with the i8 and 330e being used to assess the real-life practicalities of using solar power to charge these cars. As forum sponsors, we are proud to bring our products to the UK markets, for...
  12. Solar Carports - Fuel your journeys from the power of the sun...

    Power, Fuel, Alt Energy and Environmental Impact
    Solar Carports Ltd are delighted to join Speak EV, and to begin to offer our products and services to all members. Based in the UK, we design, manufacture and install Solar Carports to suit every customer type, from Domestic installations, through Retail parking, Industrial and Commercial...
  13. Solar Carports Ltd - Fuel your journey from the power of the sun...

    Ice Breakers
    Solar Carports Ltd are delighted to join Speak EV, and to begin to offer our products and services to all members. Based in the UK, we design, manufacture and install Solar Carports to suit every customer type, from Domestic installations, through Retail parking, Industrial and Commercial...
  14. Tell me the one thing that could be improved to make life easier for EV owners!!

    General EV Discussion
    Hi everybody! I am considering to buy a Full Electric Vehicle. So far, I have read great things about EVs BUT I am here to get the viewpoint of all EV owners about what they think could/should be improved to make their life easier and their EV experience even better. Think about it! if you...
  15. EV Tariffs (UK)

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello First of all a massive thanks to the existence of this forum, Im taking my first steps into the world of EV/PHEV Ive got a BMW 330e (Which I know some think are evil!) but its a start and for my usage it makes sense as I can get to work and back on a charge (Ive tested one for two weeks)...
  16. Win an Apple Watch by filling out this short survey on Charging Infrastructure

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi all, Are you an EV driver? Yes? We’d love to hear about your experience with driving electric. With your answers, we’ll gain a better understanding of your needs and the demands of the EV market. Let us know what the future of charging should look like! Click here to take the survey and...
  17. New Northern Power House LiFe Charging network

    General Charging Discussion
    We (Franklin Energy) are in the process of assessing sites across the UK with a focus on the 'Northern Power House' stretching from Chester to Sheffield. We currently have charging points installed in Liverpool and Manchester and we will be expanding on our current network with a view of having...
  18. Extension cable for Ampera

    First Generation Ampera and Volt
    Hello everyone, I'm looking into buying an extension cable for my Ampera as since I switched to Ampera my home charging cable doesn't reach the car and car has to be parked right by the house wall. I have a home charger from PodPoint, which is a 7kW unit (i had Leaf before and it was charging...
  19. EV Charge Point Promotion - Socket September

    General Charging Discussion
    For anyone considering getting a domestic charge point installed take a look at our new promotion. Get a socket charge point and receive any 5m lead for £80. Get your orders in now for a September installation by clicking the link below: Car Chargers | EV Charging Stations | The Phoenix Works
  20. Wallbox pro

    General BMW EV Discussion
    hi I have just had a wallbox pro fitted and I know it can delivery over 7kwh but I've noticed it's only charging at 2.1kwh. Does anyone have any ideas why, there's only a tv, small freezer and a fridge freezer. So not much else drawing lots of electricity, I've tried charging during the day and...