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  1. General EV Discussion
    Hey! Our team is currently conducting a study of electric vehicle users as a part of our dual degree Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship between two leading universities in Europe, École Polytechnique and HEC Paris. Our goal is to produce a short article outlining the current needs of the...
  2. General EV Discussion
    Hi, I created a list with almost all upcoming pure battery electric model launches from 2021 onwards. The list contains 470 model entries with links to news articles for each model. Maybe you are interested in this information. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing Best regards...
  3. General EV Discussion
    Are you interested in interesting news, videos and articles related to electric cars, bikes, or vehicles in general ... please like and follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn. Thanx! Twitter: @EVLovers Linkedin: @Electric Vehicle Lovers
  4. Ice Breakers
    Hello! I am apart of a group of undergraduate marketing students at San Diego State University, working to learn more about the eco-friendly car market (e.g. full electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell vehicles). We would greatly appreciate it if you would take a couple minutes out of your...
  5. General Nissan EV Discussion
    Hi there, I have created a blog about my experiences of my Leaf and EVs in general. The site is only a few weeks old but hopefully will have some more posts in the future. Website is www.scottishleafowner.co.uk Thanks
  6. Ice Breakers
    Hi All, I bought a 63 plate Nissan Leaf Tekna to have some #ev fun in, thought i'd make myself known on the forum. Thought i'd join you all to chat about stuff. Its white. It charges on my drive quite happily. I also own a Toyota MR2 Roadster. I've also compiled a quick list of some useful...
1-6 of 6 Results