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  1. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Is anyone interested in my old OpenEVSE kit? With a 32A Commando input socket and Type-2 socket output ... I built this originally when I bought my Gen1 Leaf and the dealer "upgraded" me from an EVSE to a Type2 cable (I was too naive to realise what they had done). When I got the Gen2 which...
  2. General Charging Discussion
    Greetings All, Didn't realize the port was damaged until coming back home and trying to plug it in... See pictures below... At the dealership now, they said part of the plug looks to be melted into the port and the assembly needs to be replaced, hopefully it'll get fixed under warranty ...
  3. General Charging Discussion
    Anyone heard of a portable evse for a 32a or 16a commando socket so it charges quicker than the granny lead on my Leaf? Like the 3 pin lead but 32a rated. The Tesla has one, but with a type 2 lead.
  4. General Charging Discussion
    Hi All, We finally have confirmation from Tesla that their Wall Connector (Tesla's own branded Type-2 tethered EVSE charge-station) will be available from next week. Due to limited availability initially, we require your Tesla VIN number to reserve one if you're interested. We expect demand...
1-4 of 4 Results