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extension lead

  1. Additional Useful Cable To Have

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    All - I found myself charging over night at a friends house. The 3 Pin trickle charge cable etc that comes with the golf is quite short (less than 5 meters). i therefore needed to use an extension cable to reach the three pin plug at the back of their garage. I have decided to add a 15m...
  2. Yet another DIY cable extension disaster waiting to happen

    General Charging Discussion
    Maybe you can stop it by shooting my idea down? Just be gentle. The facts: I have an original Toyota 5m charging cable with CCID (10A) and ending in a 3 pin 13A plug. The ideal place for my car is unfortunately outside, 22m away from my nearest domestic socket (RCD protected, nothing else...
  3. 3 Point Plug extension

    Ice Breakers
    Hello everyone. New to the forum as about to take delivery of a Mercedes c350e this week. Sorry if this question has already been covered. I have looked at lots of charging options and as I will mainly charge overnight I'm happy with a conventional plug vs charging station. However the car...
  4. Multi-purpose EVSE Extension cable

    General Charging Discussion
    Since getting my new Nissan Leaf I’ve been considering getting an extension lead that will enable me to use the EVSE ‘brick’ charger when the car is too far from a 13a socket. I’ve looked at the options and was all set to purchase a lead from www.industrialextensionleads.co.uk, when I...