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  1. General EV Discussion
    Hi All, Looking for someone to sense check some numbers for me. I used to always think that leasing is bad value, and hate the idea of "renting" anything - house, phone, car. I always thought if you have the cash and can afford to spend it, then you always should, otherwise you're paying...
  2. Renault ZOE
    I am in the process of trading in my leased battery Z0E. There is no finance on the car itself and since it is going to trade, I imagined the lease of the battery would be suspended until the trader sold it on. How wrong was I? Apparently, the trader has to sign up to the lease. There isn't...
  3. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hello from the DriveElectric Team! We have a great leasing opportunity on some new stock Nissan Leaf 40kwh N-Connecta Autos. Here is our headline offer: Personal Contract Hire Nissan Leaf 40kwh N-Connecta Auto 48 months 8,000 mpa 9 months Initial Rental (£2,961 - Inc. VAT) Includes a *FREE...
  4. General Charging Discussion
    Highlighted in the latest Ethex mailing - Electric Blue in Cambridge are attempting to raise 350,000 GBP in bonds via Ethex to install 18 EV charge points - Ethical savings and investments | Ethex
  5. General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Brilliant video "Why Tesla Isn't broke ?" With clear comparisons to Apple, Ford etc [Hint: because of investment in innovations] This is aimed at non-accountants, like me, (but, I guess NOT shorters :-) ) and yes I do have 'Skin in the game' .... literally !
  6. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi SpeakEV, Just an update for everyone out there looking for a new vehicle over the Christmas period. Drive Green EV Specialists can now offer finance on our used vehicles. Both PCP and HP (Conditional Sale) options are available. Please send us a message if you would like a quote for any of...
  7. Other EV Makes and Models
    Someone is selling a used Twizy claiming they own the battery, and there is no rental fees. I did not think this was possible to own the battery and devoid yourself of Renault finance on the Twizy?
  8. General EV Discussion
    So I've been reading this forum for a few months - thanks for great advice, have watched loads of Youtube videos and read blogs, and am ready to buy an EV. Having narrowed the options down to 3 models and wanting a good deal I have requested offers for the cars I'm interested in on Carwow and...
  9. First Gen Nissan LEAF (LEAF24 & LEAF30)
    Hi all, For anyone interested in Personal or Business leases we have great terms on the Nissan Leaf Acenta and Tekna 30kW. At Fleetdrive Electric - Drive Electric we regularly drive and highly rate this EV. For example, on Personal Contract Purchase the figures are: - 36 months - Nissan Leaf...
  10. General Nissan EV Discussion
    Hi, I'm on a mission. I read about a EV driver in London attempting to drive for nothing, I am now also attempting this. Using the company www.carquids.com the aim is to drive with the usual economy an electric vehicle gives but also with a little on-board advertising (www.bloomandwild.com)...
  11. General Tesla Motors Discussion
    I am sure that I have seen mentioned somewhere here that there is an alternative company (to Tesla) to use for PCP but I cannot find the message. I understand that Lombard and Alphera might be alternative PCP suppliers but are there any others please? Thanks in anticipation.
  12. General Nissan EV Discussion
    I was wondering whether Nissan approved retailer has several finance options or they always go for RCI? I got two different APR quotes from two different retailers. Used one is 3.9% for a 3 years PCP but I got another quote for 6.9% for a new one. Big difference! Why is that?
  13. First Gen Nissan LEAF (LEAF24 & LEAF30)
    Hi All, I am new to this forum, Sorry if this may have been asked already but my question or situation is; I have a 2016 Leaf 24KW on PCP since May this year, I have been moved to a further location in my job and the 24Kw will not make it in one charge, The 30Kw would based on some of the real...
  14. General EV Discussion
    I received a letter from RCI Finance this morning saying that due to a systems process error there was a delay in sending me my Annual Statement. The second paragraph says "We want to ensure maximum levels of satisfaction for our customers and, as such, given that we did not provide you with...
  15. First Gen Nissan LEAF (LEAF24 & LEAF30)
    Ok, this is a bit embarrassing and I should know this. I've bought many cars in all my years but I've never, ever, bought any of them on any type of finance, preferring to just pay cash. After the usual 4 day test drive, I've decided to get a Tekna 30kw but I'm totally confused as to whether I...
1-15 of 15 Results