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  1. Collect my eGolf tomorrow! 168 miles from home.

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    So finally after every delay I could imagine (and some I couldn't) I'm off to collect my Egolf in the morning! With my old ICE dead I requested to collect as I was going to be stuck getting to work for a week if I waited for delivery. I have a 168 mile drive back home. I've signed up to Polar...
  2. Considering an EV

    Ice Breakers
    Hello All, Been lurking for a little while, but thought it was about time I jumped in and asked for some advice. I’ve been considering the move to an EV for some time now, on and off over the last couple of years. However my circumstances don’t lend themselves particularly well to owning...
  3. EV as a first time car

    General EV Discussion
    Hi everyone, I am a learner driver, taking lessons in a Nissan Leaf. I love the lessons, and was wondering if anyone could share their opinions on whether an EV would be a good first time car for when (if!) I pass my driving test? As it would be my first car it would probably make most sense...