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foot brake

  1. Have I got a handbrake problem?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    So the Leaf has the 2 handbrakes, the one on the stick you use with your hand (P/Park mode), and the foot pedal one. Recently a couple of times I felt the car roll back or forward on occasion when parking on the driveway, and even after applying the foot pedal handbrake, I had to keep my foot on...
  2. Ioniq hybrid foot brake

    First Generation Ioniq
    Following on from my sit in the Ioniq EV yesterday, I had a sit in the Hybrid version today. The interior plastic seems as grey as the EV grille, which is a shame. I'd have liked it a good bit darker. The weirdest thing was the foot brake lever on the left hand side. It looked like it would...