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  1. Formula E and Electric Motorsport
    Thought we should do some benchmarking of battery packs. The original 2014-18 Formula E pack is old now, but still maybe worthy of just looking at all of the data. Hence a page that pulls the known elements together and then with knowledge of the cell it is possible to fill in some missing...
  2. Formula E and Electric Motorsport
    I've recently started a discord server for Formula E discussions! If you're interested in FE, please join us! The server is new so there's not much member, therefore we need YOU to grow :) Have a nice time https://discord.gg/pC2rP93
  3. Formula E and Electric Motorsport
    Hey guys, I am currently writing my Master thesis about brand image effects of sponsoring Formula E and I am searching for motorsport fans and especially Formula E fans to participate in my survey. As small incentive to participate, you will get the chance to win a set of Formula E tickets and...
1-3 of 3 Results