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  1. Travelling in France with a Leaf 40

    Nissan Leaf40
    This summer we're going to be travelling through France with our Leaf 40, and I'd like to ask if there any up to the minute tips anyone can give for such a trip. I've seen there are Chademo rapid chargers around, with an attached cable, but I've noticed some of them have a Chademo option with...
  2. Type 3 (aka 3C) Cable for France... 2019/2020?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi everyone! Has anyone recently been travelling in France? How useful is it to get a type 3 (3C) cable nowadays? It looks like only legacy points have them, but that as they are rarer, possibly they might be getting less use and a good option as a backup. Paris seems especially full of them...
  3. Driving in Europe - Leaf 40

    General EV Discussion
    After multiple trips to the north of France/Belgium, I thought I would share my experiences. Travelling from Wiltshire, the first task was to get to the ferry in Dover. In Summer this can easily be done with one-stop but in Winter this means two stops. I easily lose 20-25 miles in winter vs...
  4. LED Headlamps in Europe

    Nissan Leaf40
    I have a late 2018, 40kwh Leaf fitted with LED headlamps. If I take the car to France, do I need to fit those stick-on headlamp deflectors or are the LED beams "flat"? There is nothing in the manual and when I called the Nissan (no)helpline they said ask the dealer (who had no idea!). Maybe...
  5. Charging Calais to Paris

    Charging Locations
    Hi, First time using this forum so apologies if I get the etiquette wrong. Later this year we are planning on taking a trip to Paris. We will be travelling by Eurotunnel and expect to arrive in Calais early evening. We will have our two young children with us so I’m keen for the journey to be...
  6. Holiday in France

    Nissan Leaf40
    Had Leaf40 since the beginning of July; spent 2 weeks in France recently. Saw several charging points empty, only needed to use one during travels, rapid chademo charge using chargemap card - no problem. Charged overnight using 16A adapter on the granny cable at the house we were staying at...
  7. Hi new Leaf owner going to France - need charging help!

    Ice Breakers
    Got a new 40kw Leaf and going to France next month. Can anyone advise what is required for charging cards, apps etc. Ordered NewMotion card and looking at ChargeMap card. Any other suggestions? Will be in the north-west of France. Love the car - feels so weird driving it.
  8. Révéo tariff structure encourages off-peak charging

    General Charging Discussion
    The new network of Révéo T2 charge points in the south of France offers both subscription (€1 per month) and occasional use tariffs. After a connection fee (€1,50 for subscribers, €3 for occasional users), charging for the first hour or between 2100 and 0700 is free. An interesting way of...
  9. Getting a French Connection (for holidays)

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
    Planning to take my PHEV to Swiss alps via France, and I’ve seen most chargers require a Type 3 cable which I don’t have. A new T1-T3 cable costs around £250 which is uneconomic just for holiday use. I already have a Chargemap RFID. Questions: Is there such a thing as a cable adapter to allow...
  10. North West Italy Road Trip tips please

    Tesla Model S
    I am going to take the car on my longest trip so far in any EV. It will also be my first trip abroad in a BEV (I don't include my longest EV drive to Durham from Surrey in a LEAF as abroad ; although the language might has well have been abroad lol) Has anyone got any tips for a super scenic...
  11. Driving to Southern Spain

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hi All, Just got very first EV this week. Thinking about driving to southern Spain next summer. Just wondering if anyone here has experience of driving this far in their Leaf. I have downloaded Electromaps app which gives all European charge stations. It looks possible although the route won't...
  12. KiWHi Pass renewal

    General Charging Discussion
    Having successfully obtained and used the KiWhi pass in France since 2015, I recently received several emails from [email protected] to renew my 18 month old KiWhi card. Unfortunately I was unable to complete the website process that opens with the link as it required a telephone number and...
  13. Oxford to Koln

    Charging Locations
    Hello, I am taking the Rex to Koln at the weekend and would love to hear from anyone else that has attempted this journey. I can see that Eurotunnel have the rapid charger and I will be able to fill with petrol just before there, the car is currently doing between 175 and 190 with both systems...
  14. Hello from Aberdeen Scotland

    Ice Breakers
    We have had our BMW i3 REx for 3 months now and we are delighted with it. Due to a delay receiving our "off the shelf" stock BMW from Park Lane London - we were given the Demonstrator Vehicle over the Christmas period. This had the rear view camera. Our vehicle has the split screen Sat Nav...
  15. Charging in France

    General EV Discussion
    Hi, I'm going to pick up my new 30Kwh Leaf on 1st March, and on 2nd plan to drive to Paris. I have a KiWhi, Sodetrel and Belib cards; but I notice on Chargemap that a lot of the charging stations in France use a Type 3 plug. Has anyone experience of charging in France, and on whether it would...