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  1. Free Charging Stations for destination locations

    Charging Locations
    Hi all, Zero Carbon World have some single phase and three phase charging stations available for suitable destination locations (places with public parking and something to do while charging an EV) - so if you have a local destination/venue willing to install at their location (charging station...
  2. Free parking at airports?

    Ice Breakers
    Hey guys, We are thinking of a startup that could lead to free parking for electric cars at airports! If you could fill in the 4 question survey liked to the post that would be great so that we could assess the demand. Also please feel free to comment as we would love to hear your opinion on...
  3. 1st time public Level 2 install: get fancy bollard ($$$) or plain-Jane charger on budget?

    General Charging Discussion
    I’m a sustainability coordinator at a rural Midwestern non-profit of ~200 co-workers supporting a diversity of operations (retreat center, tiny college, nursing home, etc). We are behind the curve as to EV adoption. There are only two public Level 2 stations in the county. Demand for a charger...
  4. What card for "foreigners" visiting London, Southwark

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi Londoners, I would like to visit London either this December or next January driving my Outlander PHEV and I have a couple of practical questions. 1) What RFID card/app should I get/use for charging in Southwark? or are there any PAYG or free charging options? Or should I just not bother...
  5. Thank You Leicester - 80 (Yes eighty) charging points at Highcross

    Charging Locations
    Couldn't believe it. 80 13A charge points, free (pay to park), at Highcross multi-story. Parking "Electric Bay parking located on levels 1,2,3,6 and 7. " A few were ICE'd, but it would take some bad luck to find them all blocked! 13A is slow, obvs, but tbh if you are staying 3-4 hours it is...
  6. Source London - Anyone aware of any changes as of the 1st Jan 2016?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi guys As my parents have just got their Zoe today I have been filling them in with the details on RFID cards. As they live in Watford, my own experiences there are that some points are Source East, while others are Source London. I know that they are supposed to roam, but due to whatever bs...