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  1. Am I mad?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    I'm considering buying a used 30kWh Leaf as my first EV. Would appreciate feedback from people using it for long-ish daily commutes. My wife and I have both been commuting by train to London, but the prices for both of us are too high and we'd like to switch to driving in. It is a 45-mile...
  2. EV Experience Centre in MK

    General EV Discussion
    Hey Everyone! Apologies if this has gone into the wrong section of SpeakEV... I'm hoping that one of the moderators can move it if it has.. As some of you may know, we're launching the UK's first ever multi-brand EV Experience Centre soon. Full information on this can be found here...
  3. Mid-life crisis confirmed - "fun" second car purchase

    Planes, Trains and Automobiles
    Beer gut over belt ..... check Consumes too much booze at home ... check Grey beard .... check Bad knees ..... check Children confirm I am "embarrassing" .... check Dad-dancing in kitchen while I cook .... check I am embracing my mid-life crisis and and going to wring its neck enjoying it - I...
  4. EV conversion companies and choice of conversion for "fun" second car

    General EV Discussion
    Can anyone point me in the direction of a reliable recent list of companies which carry out professional conversions of cars to EV's in the UK, the Midlands would be even better. I live in Worcestershire, any links or PM's would be appreciated. When you google "UK EV conversion" you come up...
  5. A Pretty Awesome Thing Happened!

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    We took our kids to the cinema this weekend and on the drive home (in the Leaf of course), my partner (who was driving) decided to make a detour to pick up our ICE that he'd left parked near a station for his weekly commute. He parked alongside the ICE car, left the "engine" running in the...