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  1. Ice Breakers
    I'm a reluctant ICE owner who is desperate to get away from fossil cars! As someone who does low mileage and for the most part works very local to where I live. I've calculated that I'd save about £1.5-2k/year by switching to an electric vehicle. However as someone with very little disposable...
  2. Other EV Makes and Models
    New SKY 1 show Bounty Hunters starting on Wed at 10pm, features an extended car chase involving believe it or not, a G-Wiz! Thought G-Wiz drivers/fans might be interested :) Trailer and details for show is available at Bounty Hunters - Sky One Comedy Drama - British Comedy Guide
  3. Other EV Makes and Models
    Hello Everyone!! I have a REVAi and it got almost 5 year old lead acid battery. It's a 6v 200ah battery 8 numbers making total of 48V 200ah. At present, I'm getting around 30-35km mileage but it's no use for me. So I'm planning to build a lithium ion battery pack for it from the old 18650 cells...
  4. Ice Breakers
    I bought a 'new' battery last year, guaranteed for 24 months, from EV Workshops. It never performed well. I kept on calling and calling Ric, the man who owns and runs EV Workshopes, to investigate and he came out to see it a couple of times, tweaked it, and said it would be fine but it...
1-4 of 4 Results