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  1. PCP not covered by GAP insurance

    General EV Discussion
    I have GAP insurance with my Zoe and I recently found out when I had my car written off that the GAP insurance I was sold by RCI finance did not run for the full term of the PCP agreement. In summary I have the car for 37 months and the GAP insurance only runs for 36 months. Guess what the...
  2. Insurance

    General EV Discussion
    We have set up a specialist electric vehicle scheme set up to provide insurance for electric and plug in hybrid vehicles. Our website is now live and we are able to provide quotes. Feel free to have a read of our blogs and please do give us a call or email for a quote. All of our policies...
  3. Calculating GAP cover needed?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Ok, I did a search and I can see some recommendations etc, but I am struggling to work out just how much GAP cover is needed. Any experts on here or real world advice? Lets say I total it getting home from dealer, I have market value + 24 months PCP payments, probably loose few grand driving it...