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  1. Installing charger in en bloc garage, possible?

    General Charging Discussion
    We have an en bloc garage separate from our house. One end of the bloc is attached to a neighbours house. Can we get the garage electrified and meter plus charger installed inside the garage? There is a private drive in front of the garage so we have good access. However I heard that fire...
  2. Can we use the fuse board in garage to connect charger?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi. We have a new build with a detached garage with its own fuse board that comes from the main fuse board in the house. The garage is currently supplied off a 40 amp fuse in the main board but can be increased to 50 amp. Can an EV wall charger be wired to this fuse box in the garage or does it...
  3. Curbside Charging??

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello folks! I'm about to start a long-term rent (1 year minimum) of a brand new BMW i3s. I'm very excited for it! However, my housing situation is that I live in a flat in Berlin, without access to a private parking lot or the like. Thus, I have to park overnight by the roadside, when I would...
  4. E V electricians in the Midlands

    Ice Breakers
    Hi everyone I've recently bought a Ford Transit 350 that was converted from new by Smith in 2011. Unfortunately I may possibly have been diddled or just unlucky, as soon after I got it it started randomly tripping the rcd on the house circuit that I charge it from. Even worse, the charging...