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  1. Revive Charging : Yet another charging network re-brand/re-implementation

    Charging Locations
    So, Source West (on the Charge your Car backend) is closing down, to be replaced by 'Revive Charging', which itself is a rebranding exercise of GeniePoint. Confusingly, there seems to be a difference between a GeniePoint login and a Revive Charging login, yet they're both run on the same system...
  2. Morrisons – GeniePoint 100 rapids installed by the end of 2019

    General Charging Discussion
    27 March 2019 – ChargePoint Services, owner and operator of the GeniePoint Network, has today announced a green transport energy roll-out plan with Morrisons supermarkets to provide rapid electric vehicle charging across its sites, nationwide. Morrisons will provide their customers with the...
  3. First Geniepoint Charge

    General Charging Discussion
    Used a Geniepoint rapid for the first time yesterday (Starbucks, Bradford). I'd score them (out of ten): Web App - 3 Charger - 4 Telephone support - 9 Price - 5 Tried to register two RFID cards (newmotion and CYC, the cards that live in my glove-compartment). The online registration failed...
  4. More petrol stations to get EV chargers

    General Charging Discussion
    As seen on Twitter this morning, @ChargePoint GENIE are rolling out rapid chargers at 400 petrol stations: Petrol stations to get GeniePoint rapid EV charge points - Zap-Map Edit: Turns out the company is Motor Fuel Group. There's a handy location map on their website: Locations – Motor Fuel Group