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global warming

  1. Wood Burning Stoves

    Power, Fuel, Alt Energy and Environmental Impact
    In an interesting discussion on Start The Week this morning there was a crushing codemnation of wood as a 'green' fuel. Using your woodburning stove was equated to driving four HGVs up and down your street continuously! Allegedly the particulate emmissions from burning wood and CO2 emmissions...
  2. i3 SatNav - North Pole free of sea ice

    BMW i3
    I presume the forum has read this article in the Independent Donald Trump's victory isn't the most terrifying news this week. There's something even worse .... Seems it's already happened in my i3 SatNav, has anyone zoomed right out to show your position relative to the the whole earth? ...
  3. FCEVs - Zero Emissions?

    Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles
    While doing some digging on greenhouse gas emissions I had another thought. Water Vapour is a effectively a greenhouse gas (it's a vapur not a gas but amounts to the same effect). FCEVs emit water to the tune of around 80-100g/km mostly in the form of vapour when up to temperature. Water in...