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    ZS EV
    Hi All GMEV is transitioning to a new service provided by Amey PLC as of Monday 22nd June and moving through the summer as part of a full refresh. The kit being used will be Swarco. It will also remain free to use until the autumn. You can also use your current CYC card to activate the new...
  2. Vehicles per post

    General Charging Discussion
    Sorry if this has been gone over before. I noticed my charge rate dropping whilst plugged into a GMEV 7KW post. A quick check on CYC shows that someone has started to use the other port on that post. Obviously no issues with that, but there is a second post at this location (all 4 bays...
  3. Renault Zoe Dynamique Nav (R90) (ZE 40)

    Ice Breakers
    Hi, After spending some time enjoying driving the SO's Outlander I've taken the plunge and got rid of the previous rocket for a ZE 40 Zoe. I've got an 80 odd mile round trip commute on a daily basis from Chester to Manchester which it's eating up quite happily. Chargining in Manchester seems...
  4. Ashton under Lyme Charging woes #GMEV #CYC

    General Charging Discussion
    So the other week i visited this town. I had my first ever charging issues in a year of having a Leaf. First of all i visited the park & ride at Ashton Moss. There are two heads here (identical type units) each with two sockets. None of the four would accept my polar or thenewmotion cards...