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  1. BMC pinout

    General EV Discussion
    Hello All, I'm doing a project on ageing of batteries. I wanted to extract CAN data using a scanner and log it, which is later inputted to a matlab script. I need to make adapter to connect battery BMS to OBD2 port since I have a standalone. I want the pin out configuration of BMS of Passat...
  2. Volkswagen eGolf or GTE

    General Volkswagen EV Forum
    Greetings from EU, im in process of buying a used car and becouse i regually do 8km per day gasoline and diesel cars are out and i live in house so home charging is not an issue. I test driven a 2017 eGolf and i liked the way it drives but sadly they are very rare on used car market so as...
  3. Golf GTE Questions

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi all, First post here. So apologies if I haven't followed the correct protocols! Few questions about the Golf GTE as I'm interested in purchasing one. 1) MK7 v MK7.5 I was on autottader looking at variants. On the spec form the MK7 has 10 more BHP than the MK7.5. Not only that the MK7.5 you...
  4. When do the Golf GTE orders re-open?

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi everyone, This is a fantastic forum for trying to keep a track of the whole VW GTE order production halt situation, the factory delivery time thread has been great trying to get an idea of when orders will be caught up. It certainly has given more useful info than anyone at VW has this...
  5. Emissions Control warning light on at ignition only; turns off when hybrid drive active

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi all! Noticed that our brand new Golf GTE displays the following light when the ignition is activated (along with the usual depress brake, airbag info lights, etc...) Curiously however, it disappears when the car is fully turned on in any mode. This behaviour is regular and consistent...
  6. Wireless Phone Charging

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hello! Picking up our GTE very soon which is configured with the wireless phone charger. I've been able to find next to nothing in terms of information or specifications on it. Does anyone use it and how big is it size-wise? Suitable for phones in 2018? o_O
  7. Safelock warning & remap

    Volkswagen Passat GTE
    When I turn off the car and open the door to exit I get a warning saying Safe door unlock - please see manual the shift is in park and ebrake on. So any ideas why I'm getting this warning pls? Ps. Love the car and getting it remapped by Celtic Tuning peeps - stage one will make 250bhp and still...
  8. Making the change to a GTE

    Ice Breakers
    First post...... I currently drive a 330D XDrive Tourer and get around 45mpg during my weekly commute, for a 55L (£66) tank i get around 500 miles. I'm doing 54 miles a day round trip (5 days a week) and would have access to charge at work, so.........what should i expect MPG if i charge at...
  9. Changes in Hybrid Auto behaviour

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Merry Christmas everyone, I had a long trip yesterday and decided to try out Hybrid Auto mode, as I haven't used it for a while. I started with a full battery and did 150 miles with a comfort break in the middle. The battery never dropped below an estimated range of 11 miles. I thought that...
  10. Newbie in Bingley

    Ice Breakers
    Hi there I have a golf GTE on order and was just wondering if I use a charger with higher capacity than 3.7KW will the car charge ok?
  11. Hi, I am JT from Portsmouth

    Ice Breakers
    Hi all, I am JT from Portsmouth, Hampshire. I have been lurking around for a bit for my research after my colleague pointed me here. I have just got off the phone with a local leasing company with a very tempting Golf GTE Advance offer. The GTE Advance offer does include a metallic colour but...
  12. 2018 Volkswagen Golf GTE Factory

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Lacking commentary and would like to have seen the battery being installed but worth a look if you have 5 mins spare:
  13. Battery warranty

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi! I own a Golf GTE since February. I charged it once a day until September, now I managed to install a charging location even at my workplace, so I charge it twice daily. Does anyone know how many cycles the batteries are supposed to last? What is the warranty? Or better, how long should they...
  14. For Sale Golf GTE from £259 per Month + VAT on Contract Hire Lease

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Here at Fleetdrive Electric, we have an exclusive offer on the fantastic Golf GTE Plug-in Hybrid. The price quoted is based on a Golf 1.4T GTE 5dr DSG. We also have the Nav model available from £284 + VAT. For a quotation, please call the office on 01628 899 720 or email...
  15. New Leasing Offer - VW Golf GTE DSG & DSG NAV - Personal & Business options available

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Good morning all, For anyone interested in Personal or Business leasing - at DriveElectric & Fleetdrive Electric we have great new leasing terms on a number of recently arrived in stock Volkswagen Golf GTE's (both DSG and DSG Nav variants) in various exterior colours of Carbon Grey Metallic...
  16. From Burble to Electric

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hello all So a little about me. Long term petrol head, grow up in V8 hot rods, going to car shows with my dad, first car, N reg 1.2 Corsa, less said about that the better :lol: Then a Diesel Astra, again, nothing ground breaking, after that, through my mid to late Twenties I've been a Subaru...
  17. Newbie question

    Ice Breakers
    Hi, I have just ordered a Golf GTE with a 27 week delivery time and would love to spend the next 27 weeks reading every square inch of the owners manual. I tried to get a copy from VW but you need the chassis number to download it, I have searched the Internet until my eyes bled but can't find a...