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  1. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi all, I am getting an intermittent (but mostly present) engine management light on the dash. I've had it checked by a mechanic, and it's stating it is a transmission thermostat open curcuit. I have had a look through some service manuals and have seen no mention of a transmission thermostat...
  2. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hello, read a lot of good information here, so I thought I should give some back to the community. I successfully retrofitted PLA 3.0 in my Golf GTE 2015, might be the first afaik. The new features of the system are very well explained here: I had PLA 2.0 from factory, so it was the easiest...
  3. General EV Discussion
    Hello I am new to this form and this is my first post, Today I received my golf GTE 2016. As this is my first hybrid car I started to check the fluids and saw that one of the coolant reservoirs was just below the minimum mark. Without realizing that this was for the battery I broke the seal and...
  4. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi Everyone! First time posting. Does anyone have experience with a underseat subwoofer in a Golf GTE or in general as I'm thinking of getting one and want to know if it's worth it and would it be easy to install into the standard head unit? Thanks in advance
  5. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Got in my car this morning normally press the emode button to select a driving mode but today pressing the button isn't doing anything just comes up with the current driving mode won't actually let me select one won't even come up on the middle screen like it usually does with the different modes
  6. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi all. Looking for a bit of advice on a issues I’ve discovered with my rear tyres. I had Michelin pilot sport 4s put on all 4 wheels about a year ago. Only done ~5k since fitting. I noticed a general rumble not long after but given the mileage on the car (currently 75k) I thought it’s probably...
  7. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    I'm not a car guy, i don't know much about car. Had the car since summer. Just recently In the cold weather, when i give Just a little preassure on the pedal, the car switch to hybrid mode, and start using the petrol engine. We talk about everything from 0-50kmh Just accelerating or what ever...
  8. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    This morning I noticed that my long term mpg is going up and down a lot quicker than normal where as it should gradually going up over a longer period of time does anyone know why this has started happening
  9. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    When checking the battery health on my golf gte it comes up saying SOC ......... instead of an actual figure does anyone know how to check it if it does this ?
  10. Audi A3 e-tron
    Selling these genuine German made alloy wheels that fit Audi A3 sportback E-tron. AUDI VW GOLF 18" 5-arm velum anthracite high-gloss...
  11. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Morning everyone My 2018 GTE advanced comes this morning really looking forward to it always wanted a golf what is everyone’s favourite feature think it will take me a week to go through them all lol
  12. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi All, I’m thinking of purchasing a golf GTE 17 reg, my commute consists of a 19 mile journey each way, with the ability to charge the car at work. Obviously the range is stated by VW as 31miles on electric alone and from what I’ve read it’s more likely 20-25miles. My question is - would this...
  13. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi all, based in UK. possibly purchasing a 67 play GTE today with 29Kmls. Just wondering what are the things I should look out for?? Will there be any recalls? Common issues? also the warranty expires in 3 months. Can I and should I get a pre-expiration check done on the car before this...
  14. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi all, I've been lurking on this forum for a few weeks now. I've had my heart set on a Golf GTE. I've been doing lots of research, to make sure the car is for me - and It is! However with the MK8 GTE releasing later this year, should I wait? Would the price of the MK7.5 would drop? What's...
  15. Ice Breakers
    Have ordered a Golf-e to replace a diesel Mercedes ML. Was impressed by the test drive (less so by the estimated retained value after 3-years although understand why this is so) and am looking forward to delivery. But what home charging point? Pod-Point seems to have some awful reviews...
  16. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi all! Noticed that our brand new Golf GTE displays the following light when the ignition is activated (along with the usual depress brake, airbag info lights, etc...) Curiously however, it disappears when the car is fully turned on in any mode. This behaviour is regular and consistent...
  17. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hello! Picking up our GTE very soon which is configured with the wireless phone charger. I've been able to find next to nothing in terms of information or specifications on it. Does anyone use it and how big is it size-wise? Suitable for phones in 2018? o_O
  18. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi, Does anyone know what happens if you wire a 3 phase plug direct to a type 2 connector without having the PP and CP cables? Would be a 32amp 3 phase plug wiring L1 to L1 L2 to L2 and so on, would this charge the GTE or would it come up with a charging error or just charge at all? If this...
  19. Ice Breakers
    Hi, I'm from Portugal. I am a Golf GTE owner and, when looking for tricks and tips, I found this forum that I thought was excellent.
  20. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Morning, Last Wednesday (3rd Jan) on the way home from work I received a warning light in the GTE. “Low Coolant Level - Check”, followed shortly by “12V battery not charging - Pull over safely”. Upon opening the bonnet it was immediately clear that the car had ejected the contents of the hybrid...
1-20 of 26 Results