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  1. General EV Discussion
    Get charged up with Google Maps So Google announced this a couple of days ago and I think it's a great start to see some actual real integration of EVs and charging stations into such a popular and mainstream application such as Google Maps! It's starting off small with only a few charging...
  2. General EV Discussion
    Heloo i would like to add mirror/android auto for my r link on zoe 2014 but u need to modify the obd cable per instructions. where can i buy a pre modified cable alredy? or is there a specifc obd cable name u need to type on ebay to purchase it. thanks
  3. First Gen Nissan LEAF (LEAF24 & LEAF30)
    When I'm on long journeys, I often get interrupted by a chime, followed by the words "Radcliffe, Radcliffe", and a map showing a street in Radcliffe. I can cause the message manually by pressing Zero Emissions button > Carwings > Information Channels > Google Maps > Send to Car. See this video...
1-3 of 3 Results