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  1. EV ownership experience and differing government approaches

    General EV Discussion
    I appreciate that this will be highly unscientific, but, does anyone have any views or sense of how the experience differs as an EV driver in your part of the UK? Is there any significant differences when you compare Scotland to England, for example? I’m aware that the Scottish Government...
  2. Public charging, Oxford and Abingdon for me but this applies everywhere

    General EV Discussion
    Hi fellow Ev'ers, I am encouraged to see that at the new Westgate in Oxford has invested in 50 (yes 50!) charging points ranging from 7kw to 22kw. Some are free, some charge (no pun intended). I would encourage anyone who thinks we still need more in Oxford or Abingdon to contact their local...
  3. Budget in November - possibility of bigger EV subsidy?

    General EV Discussion
    unlikely I’d have thought but I’ve come across no commentary either way.