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granny charger
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  1. Volkswagen e-Golf
    Hey guys, I have a 2020 e-golf and have some problems charging right now. I think it has to do with the current I am getting from the socket. Once plugged in into the 220 socket I get a nice pulsating green light at the car-socket and the AID shows it’s charging. But then the circuit box on the...
  2. First Generation Ampera and Volt
    So the black lump Voltec that came with my new-to-me 2012 car a few months ago has died - was working fine. Next time plugged it in - not a murmur. I need to double check but I think the car is fine and able to charge from elsewhere It's a sealed unit so no easy peaking inside for a quick...
  3. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi All, Available - Genuine Tesla Gen 2 UMC Universal Mobile Charger Cable UK Kit Type 2 and case. I am open to reasonable offers. 1st class recorded. Payment Methods - PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer. Please give me a message if interested. Many thanks A
  4. General EV Discussion
    Hello, I bought an MG ZS EV 2 days ago. Got to say, I am very impressed with the car but ready to return it!.. It will not charge at home! 1. Connected to my 7kw ChargedEV wall socket (with an MG lead). Initially worked then "Connected not charging", after about 5mins. Retrying gave no joy 2. I...
  5. General Charging Discussion
    Hi, I'm sorry, this queston has probably already been asked but I have a Renault Zoe (2014) and when I use a granny cable, it either trips the RDC in the fusebox, or the port on the car lashes red and tells me to "Check Charging Station". I have used two different cables now so that can't be be...
  6. General GM EV Discussion
    My Ampera granny connector has been damaged (two of the connector plastic 'covers' have been left in the charger port in the car - see photo) i) How do i safely remove them and ii) Does anybody have a 'spare' Ampera granny charger I could buy? thanks Geoff
1-6 of 6 Results