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  1. Dissertation Research Collection Electric Vehicle Purchasing Influences

    General EV Discussion
    Hi there! I'm a third year BA Hons Geography student at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, Lancashire. I've had a read through some of the other dissertation posts on here and to differentiate my thread from the others, I'm focusing more on the political and economic factors which are possibly...
  2. Public charging, Oxford and Abingdon for me but this applies everywhere

    General EV Discussion
    Hi fellow Ev'ers, I am encouraged to see that at the new Westgate in Oxford has invested in 50 (yes 50!) charging points ranging from 7kw to 22kw. Some are free, some charge (no pun intended). I would encourage anyone who thinks we still need more in Oxford or Abingdon to contact their local...
  3. Government EV Incentives

    General EV Discussion
    I've put together an article on government incentives - please let me know if I've missed anything or made any factual errors. Later I'll try to do the same for regional and city schemes. Electric Car Incentives 1: Government - Grants, Road Tax and Company Car Tax - Fuel Included: Electric cars...
  4. Convince work to install charge point

    General Charging Discussion
    Has anyone had any joy convincing work it would be a good idea to install a charge point? I have approached HR to get the ball rolling but they were worried about Benefits in Kind (BIK) and said it could not be done as the administration would be too much. I said I was happy to pay for the...
  5. Grants reducing from March

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Plug-in car grants: changes to grant level March 2016 - Publications - GOV.UK