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  1. Free green parking permit scheme in Sheffield, UK

    General EV Discussion
    Green parking permits "A green parking permit is for ultra low-emission vehicles (ULEV). A ULEV is any electric or hybrid vehicle that emits less then 75g of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometre travelled, with a capability of travelling a minimum range of 10 miles with zero CO2 emissions. A...
  2. Reactions at a Car Show

    General EV Discussion
    One advantage to converting an old car to electric has been the opportunity to show it to people at car shows. I have talked with many people with different opinions concerning electric vehicles in general. Many people are excited and genuinely interested in my car while others are opposed to...
  3. Might be Greener

    General EV Discussion
    Are electric cars green? The cars might be steel, plastic, rubber, paint, fabric and much of it is made from petroleum. The lighter the car, the better to make a little bit of energy go a long way and so, carbon fiber is being used more and more. Even thou carbon fiber may be recycled to some...