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  1. Futuristic Grid Video

    General Charging Discussion
    So, I can remember watching a video on a futuristic grid, where power was distributed from EV to homes and the amount of solar and wind power being produced in real time, all viewed through a large screen, possibly touchscreen. I am unsure if this was a concept or real thing (probably was)...
  2. Tesla Supercharging Infrastructure Interaction with Power Grid

    General Charging Discussion
    The popular Tesla Supercharging stations essentially behave as a huge electric load in the power delivery system. In peak time (all charging ports are occupied) it can reach ~1 MW (135kW * 8) power demand in the system. From the electric utilities' operation and planning point of view, I'm...
  3. Is my math wrong or can we go 100% solar for £33 Billion

    Power, Fuel, Alt Energy and Environmental Impact
    After watching The new fully charged show Hinckley point c oh deary me which can be seen here 2 days early if you support the show through patreon at $5 per month I thought I'd do some man math and here's what I came up with.. In the UK in 2014 we used an average of 34.42GW per day, to produce...