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gte advance

  1. Golf GTE availability

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    I was speaking to my GTE dealer today and they have a White and Grey Golf GTE Advance availability with rear camera too; no waiting list and 68 plate ; if anybody is interested please send me a private msg - I had to wait 7 months for my car and anybody thats keen will be a great very few in the...
  2. GTE Advance EV mileage

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi All, After the gruelling wait since December we finally got our GTE Advance a couple of week ago. I must say it’s a brilliant car We got a few extras like panoramic roof, upgraded interior and the reverse camera... After monitoring our range on e-mode after a full charge it has never been...
  3. Water leak in hatch

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Managed to wash the car for the first time in over a month - yes, it has been that long since it was dry enough for long enough to do that properly!. Checking all the seal areas first, opened all the doors and cleaned around there. Nothing too awful, no unusual dirt traps but hey, the back door...
  4. New gte owner

    General EV Discussion
    Hi I got my new gte last week first hybrid but it will not charge. Three pin plug I was told to plug in and would just charge and its not working so I'm pretty stumped I havs followed the manual and vw helpline were not very helpful any help would be appreciated Cheers Jon
  5. Is a golf GTE for me??

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi all, I've been trawlling through all of the GTE threads to get as much information as possible. I'm really keen on the new Golf GTE advance, looks fun to drive love the idea of the re-gen braking & my missus had a VW which is great. My commute is 12 miles of stop & start & b-road. I have...