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  1. General EV Discussion
    Does anyone know a GWiz mechanic - or someone with the software - who can sort my Reva in North london. I think it's just a software issue that only lets the battery charge to half
  2. Other EV Makes and Models
    Hello Everyone!! I have a REVAi and it got almost 5 year old lead acid battery. It's a 6v 200ah battery 8 numbers making total of 48V 200ah. At present, I'm getting around 30-35km mileage but it's no use for me. So I'm planning to build a lithium ion battery pack for it from the old 18650 cells...
  3. Ice Breakers
    Hello Friends!! I'm bharath and I'm from Bangalore, India. I have a REVAi model and I'm working on it's modification. I'm here to get suggestion, guidance for my REVAi modification and get updated with what's new in EV. Thanks Bharath
  4. Other EV Makes and Models
    I bought my GWIZ second hand recently but with new batteries. the battery water level light flashes even though I topped up with water recently - any ideas here ? Also the car did not come with the top up lead (had to borrow one from a friend) I know it should have done but at the moment the...
1-4 of 4 Results