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  1. Tesla excluded from Company lease scheme due to Data Privacy issue (Mildly annoyed)

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    My company are adding EV's to the company lease scheme, which is great, and there was an interesting revelation today when I read that the reason Tesla was excluded is because "Tesla's for example cannot be added to the scheme because of Data Privacy (Tesla's require a remote update)" Does this...
  2. Multiple new company users?

    Site Feedback and Wishlists
    Has anyone else noticed many many new users appearing in the recent activity feed? All with similar logos all, all with US states? Or is it just me being paranoid?
  3. The transfer of the Telsa Model S/X's guts to another vehicle

    Tesla Model S
    I want to know if anyone else had the ran into the thought of transferring the guts of a tesla Model X or S into another vehicle, like a camper van, or any vehicle. The main points I'd like to discuss is, if anybody thinks there would software or mechanical blocks to prevent this from happening...