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  1. Does Heat affect charging?

    Nissan Leaf40
    Yesterday, the weather was very hot - 35 degrees in the South East. I plugged my 40kWH Leaf into our home Pod 7kw charger as usual, at about 6pm, with about 25% charge remaining to charge overnight. To my surprise, by this morning, I had still not received the Charge Finished notification on...
  2. Climate - Heating vs the Heat button.

    Kia Soul EV
    Hi I've had a search on here but not seen a post for the climate heating. I've had my Soul about 2 weeks now and loving it, although I haven't needed to use the heating what with this UK summer right now, I sometimes need it for my 6am commute to take the chill off for a bit. The issue is I...
  3. Chargers and heat

    General Charging Discussion
    I am in the process of getting ChargedEV to install me a chargemaster unit, but before they come to do the site survey I thought i would ask on here one big question, which affects where I site the charger. I will of course ask the engineer when he is here, but thought I would get others...
  4. Remote Climate Control Expectations?

    General Nissan EV Discussion
    I tried finding other discussions on this subject but couldn't locate anything. For background info, I purchased a used Nissan Leaf 2014. I paid for the upgrade to be able to use remote climate control ($200 US). I also wound up having to pay to have the heater replaced (~$360 US discounted by...
  5. How to fix broken heating

    Renault ZOE
    Ok, on the German forum a renault dealer has now mentioned that multiple use of pre hear, no matter through which method, can disable and confuse the heat pump controller. The solution is a change of the controller, but this needs to be tested at a garage and authorised by renault. To fix it...
  6. Would the EV motor suffer any damge if raced from a cold start?

    BMW i3
    Does anyone know if the motor in an EV would suffer any damage it was driven hard from a cold standing start? (this is not a question about the battery). If you parked over-night at a motorway service station, got up on a cold morning (1 or 2ºC ) and drove immediately out on the slip road and...
  7. Automatic air intake control?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    I have finished reading through my Leaf owner's manual and I don't understand an entry on page 4-32 :confused:: 'Automatic air intake control'. It seems that by pressing and holding the air recirculation button you are putting it into automatic mode. I am guessing that automatic mode does two...
  8. Does anyone get cold feet (sic) in their new Tesla Model S?

    Tesla Model S
    We took delivery of our new car on Thursday and I drove it for the first time today. Despite setting the ambient temp on the driver's side at 24 deg my feet were frozen. We tried a few climate control settings, reducing fan speed, auto for everything, setting aircon off and extra foot area...