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  1. Another heater v heated seats question

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Think we all know that using the heater uses more power than the heated seats, especially if you're in the car on your own but how about with a car full of people (i.e. all seats in use)? Has it been decided if it's better to use all the seat heaters and the heated steering wheel or the use the...
  2. Renault Zoe: Air Con / Heater Dealership Warranty Nightmare!

    Renault ZOE
    Just thought I'd share the ongoing saga with my 64 plate Zoe. Sorry for the long rant but hopefully it serves as a warning to others if nothing else! It all started around September 2017 when the aircon made the dreaded loud rattle and hum when it was rapid charging or the aircon kicked in...
  3. Broken Heater/aircon - Zoe undriveable?

    Renault ZOE
    Just outside of warranty and with just 30k miles on the clock, out Zoe has lost all it’s air con gas due to a seal failure and after a re-gas the Renault main dealer tells us that the compressor has failed. £899 to fix it. Renault customer service admit that it is a manufacturing defect that...
  4. Stuck in a snow drift

    General EV Discussion
    After hearing an article on radio 4 about precautions for driving in the current snowy spell my wife asked me how an EV would fare if stuck in a snowdrift miles from anywhere. The official advice is to drive (your ICE) with at least a half full tank of fuel. Assuming a half full battery, how...
  5. Quandary - kill my 2011 Leaf or not?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    So my lovely metallic blue 2011 Leaf, aka Smiles, has had a terminal heater failure. Presumably the PTC Heater - it draws power but no fan speed or temperature is felt. Misty window & cold toes hell. It will be turning 6 in April. Nissan have quoted (with "you might want to sit down") £2,500...
  6. Heater out of gas.

    Renault ZOE
    Hi, I know that the heater in the Zoe can be temperamental so I didn't take it to the supplying dealer when the heater first failed to work. I tried the usual 'fixes' but came to the conclusion it was more serious than the climate control module being confused. Eventually the low temperatures...
  7. How quickly does your ICE warm up?

    General Volkswagen EV Forum
    Just don't a small test to see how quickly the ICE warms up. Basically to help decide how long to run the ICE for, before the water temp is useful for heating (and improving longer run ICE efficiency). TEST: Switching to GTE mode after joining motorway. Running @~60mph with 10 deg ambient, and...
  8. Anyone added battery heating?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Minus 6 this morning which made me ponder about adding some battery heating! Has anyone tried? I can see that adding high power heaters close to Lithium batteries can be a safety issue; I was thinking more of some low wattage large area heaters, over a large percentage of the bottom of the...