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  1. New EV owner (to-be)

    Ice Breakers
    Hello and Hi to everyone! I've taken the plunge and ordered my first PHEV! It the new 2020 Ford Kuga, very little information about it around so lots to find out! Will need lots of help and advice with charging point at home and tariffs etc, but for now just want to say hello and please be...
  2. Hi Everyone, thinking of purchasing a e-NV200.

    Ice Breakers
    Hi everyone, i'm Mark. I've been thinking about purchasing a Vito Tourer for a while, I've never had a van before and would really prefer the visibility of glass all round hence the tourer, but realistically at £25k+ it's too expensive for me. I would like an auto which is not an option...
  3. Well hello there

    Ice Breakers
    Hi all, I just joined the forum today. it seems like you have plenty of active discussions which is good. I don't currently own an EV but hope to for my next vehicle, or at worst a hybrid of some kind. I'm a techie and very interested in the on-going development of EVs and battery tech, and...
  4. Hello

    Ice Breakers
    Hi, I am new on here. I am not yet an EV owner, but am saving to buy my very first EV, which will in fact be my very first car. I'm 21, and have been driving parents car for a few years, and whilst I like driving, I hate filling up with petrol. I don't know why, but I do. I have always been a...
  5. Excited to get my First EV

    Ice Breakers
    Hello All First of all, many thanks to all the members of this forum. I have spent a good few weeks here and garnered to much useful information. After a lot of research, test drive and dealer visits, I am currently in negotiation for a BMW i3 94Ah REX. I have a great relationship with the...