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  1. Baldrick's Home Charger Master Sheet

    General Charging Discussion
    I had a cunning plan (y). I'm looking for a charger for my first EV so decided to put together a master sheet with all the major chargers available on it. Thought I'd share it with you in case it's useful. (This is for the UK FYI) The Google Sheets link for it is here (I've created built in...
  2. Golf-e ordered.... Now I need evKnowledge!

    Ice Breakers
    Have ordered a Golf-e to replace a diesel Mercedes ML. Was impressed by the test drive (less so by the estimated retained value after 3-years although understand why this is so) and am looking forward to delivery. But what home charging point? Pod-Point seems to have some awful reviews...
  3. Hi (and new build home charger question)

    Ice Breakers
    Getting to know and slowly understand new golf GTE which arrived after eight month wait. Haven’t been able to charge at home as no driveway but moving to brand new build home with garage/drive in a few weeks ( in Oxfordshire) . Would appreciate being pointed to home charger recommendations and...
  4. Comparison of Home Chargers anyone?

    General Charging Discussion
    Of course, the first time you get a charger put on your house, you'll use the OLEV grant and not really care how much it really costs. But my existing Pod Point charger is damaged, and they tell me the charger unit (if not the cabling) will have to be replaced for safety reasons. This time...
  5. Which EV Charger?

    Audi A3 e-tron
    Since had a heating up issue with my 3 pin charger, have decided to get a EV charger installed. Any recommendations?
  6. EVO 16 and EVO 32 get OLEV approval

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi Just an update to our survey we did a couple of weeks ago about our new chargers. They are now approved for OLEV grants. www.evchargersdirect.co.uk Thanks, Chris
  7. Our new home chargers

    General EV Discussion
    Hi, my name is Chris, the owner of EV chargers direct ltd a new UK company we have two new chargers coming to market in the next couple of months please see the photos attached of one installed at my house. just wanted some feedback on the unit if possible?. its: mode 3, type 2 socket, built...