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home charging station

  1. Home rapid charger market research (survey takes 1 minute!)

    Ice Breakers
    Hi, I have a survey for a proposed rapid charging system for home use. The research is part of a university project and is just an idea but would hugely appreciate any responses. It's only 6 questions and takes one minute! The questions are for EV owners and ask about charging habits etc. Rapid...
  2. Hello from Cheshire

    Ice Breakers
    Hello, Having just joined the forum and being unsure what to expect, I thought I’d say hello. Having been an owner of hybrid cars over the past few years and currently driving a Lexus IS 300h, I’ve made the plunge into the EV world having put in an order for a Nissan Leaf Tekna 40kwh. The array...
  3. Should I install a Chargepoint station or just use my 240v plug

    General Charging Discussion
    I've had a 240v plug installed in my garage for about 6 months now and I do enjoy the convenience of fully charging my e-tron in 2 1/2 hours. Recently I was fortunate enough to win (legitimately from ChargePoint themselves) a ChargePoint Home 25 (hardwired) 32A unit with a 18' cord. Should I...
  4. Changing T1 Tethered to T2 tethered at home help required

    General Charging Discussion
    I've had a Nissan Leaf for 3 years which is going back soon. I've already bought an Audi A3 e-tron which will be its replacement. 3 years ago I got Chargemaster to fit a tethered Type 1 cable to my home, but of course I would now like a Type 2 tethered. When I called Chargemaster they said they...
  5. Buying an home charging station

    General Charging Discussion
    hi just wondering if anyone can offer some advice please, I have just bought a bmw i3 Rex and I'm now looking to buy a charging station at my home, looked at the bmw options also contacted Rolec and a couple of sub companies contact me via rolec but when I researched them only been in business...