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hot water

  1. Zappi charger, + other PV diversion priorities

    General Charging Discussion
    So just had a Zappi installed recently with the HARVI. I have an Immersun diversion unit that was already in place that diverts excess to the hot water tank. As the Zappi is not actually talking to my Immersun diversion unit I am wondering what the priorities are if my BEV is plugged into the...
  2. Recommendations for a 12v Kettle for charging stops.

    Off Topic and Banter
    Looking into buying a kettle that can plug into the 12v cigarrete lighter for charging stops in the cold for my Leaf, and more so for my I-Miev which I don't use heating for. As well as a hot cuppa, I might even have the occasional Pot Noodle. What are others using? There seems to be some iffy...