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  1. EV battery (and drive train) for off grid camper

    Off Topic and Banter
    there are a few people who have torn apart EV batteries for use in off-grid campers/RV's, I was wondering whether you could transplant the whole of a gen1 leaf or i-miev drivetrain into something like a sprinter van including the battery, charger and motor attached to the engine working in...
  2. Ion ESP/ASR warning lights

    General Groupe PSA EV Discussion
    Wife got a couple of warning lights on the Ion yesterday. When she got home I checked them out and it was the two ESP/ASR system lights that were on as a fixed light (not flashing). Funnily enough this morning they are now off. So checked the manual - see attached photo. ESP - Electronic...
  3. Sold £125 I-Miev 3 pin charger + T2 adaptor cable

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    £125 FOR BOTH CABLES AS DETAILED BELOW. Sold as seen in attached photos and as described below: I no longer have my I-Miev and don't need these charging cables. Both items are working perfectly fine. (1) 3-Pin plug charging cable Is from my 2009 I-Miev. Has been well used and the hard plastic...
  4. Wanted I-Miev/iOn/C-Zero or Smart Car

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    In the market place for a small BEV again. Will go as high as budget £3000-£5000 for the right I-Miev or variant. Any fans of the I-Miev and its variants seen anything available? Will pay a bit more for a Smart Car. Can travel to anywhere in Scotland/England to collect.
  5. Goodbye to my written off I-Miev

    General Mitsubishi EV Discussion
    I only had my 9yr old 2009 plate I-Miev for 8-9 months, but it was an absolute adventure from the moment I collected it in Nottingham last year and brought it home to Scotland. After doing over 10,000 miles in it and pushing it too its limit in all weather and a daily 100 mile commute, it has...
  6. I-Miev Battery Cell Replacement service UK

    Other EV Makes and Models
    Is there anyone on this forum with expertise who can facilitate cell replacement on old I-Miev cars, that are fully working but have lost battery? I feel I would not get any fair value to sell or trade in my I-Miev but other than reduced battery it is working perfectly fine, and you get to know...
  7. I-miev rear seat

    General Mitsubishi EV Discussion
    Just taken possession of a 2011 i-Miev to replace our lease Zoe. It is in excellent condition except for one niggle I would like help with. The driver's side rear seat will not fold down and previous attempts in the car's past have stripped the release lever. Does anyone have experience of...
  8. My i-miev wouldn't start, yellow exclamation point inside car light.

    General Mitsubishi EV Discussion
    My i-miev suddenly wouldn't start and displayed the yellow warning light with exclamation point inside car. The manual says electrical failure. After searching the web for solutions I had the 12v battery checked and recharged but same issue. After calling for service I got a tips to try the...
  9. Has my 8-yr old I-MIEV just recovered lost cells?

    General Charging Discussion
    So my recently acquired 8-year old 2009 Mitsubishi I-MIEV has a 16kW battery. I believe normally about 14kW would be useable, however I have only ever had approx. 10kW of useable battery. Last night I deliberately came home in it with very low batter (2 bars). I then left the heating on to try...
  10. 265 miles in a iMIEV in 26hrs - a crazy trip

    General Mitsubishi EV Discussion
    Nottingham to South East Scotland, 265 miles. I left approx. 11am on Thursday, and got home at 1pm on the Friday - 26hrs!!!! I didn't sleep, although plenty resting at chargers. Attached picture shows me getting the 2009 Mistubishi iMIEV from @FarmboyUK of Drive Green in Nottingham. I am not a...
  11. IMIEV/C-ZERO/ION brake pipes corrode due to a lack of underseal

    General Groupe PSA EV Discussion
    The one problem with these cars is that the brake pipes corrode due to lack of underseal. The parts are not expensive, but the whole battery pack has to be removed to change them. THIS IS A £600 JOB!! If you are looking to purchase an I-Miev I would advise asking if this has been done! The...
  12. anyone thinking of fitting a clock in their Ion/CZero/i-miev?

    General Groupe PSA EV Discussion
    First posting on this forum, apologies if I make a mess of it! I've had my Ion for over two years now, and I love it deeply, but as all Ion/C-Zero/i-miev owners notice early on, our cars don’t come with a clock. I’ve looked on this and other forums but came up with nothing which ticked all my...
  13. For Sale 2012 Mitsubishi I-MiEV/SE For Sale

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Give me a call at 352-388-9659 2012 Mitsubishi I-MiEV SE $7,495 Stock #: 2015-046 Color: Labrador Black Pearl VIN#: JA3215H1XCU019750 Transmission: Automatic Year: 2012 Make: Mitsubishi Drive Model: I-MiEV Mileage: 19,664 Trim: SE Engine: ELECTRIC Vehicle Type: Used Contact Information...