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  1. PHEV taxis blocking Chargers

    General Charging Discussion
    What's the view on PHEV taxis blocking charge points when BEVs need a charge? I arrived at one of the new free to use PodPoint rapids at a Lidl in Bristol having driven from Southampton and was wanting to make the 100-mile return journey. A Leaf taxi was using the Chademo and a Mercedes PHEV...
  2. New purchase: BEV vs. REx

    BMW i3
    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some advice on which i3 to go for. I currently drive the Smart ED cabrio, which I love by the way. I use the car primarily for my 12 mile daily round trip commute and charge at home, however we have young kids and would be useful to have a second car (in addition to the...
  3. Newbie here but not to EV's

    Ice Breakers
    Hello Everyone, Just joined today for general discussions and of any fellow members tips and tricks! I have a 2014 i3 BEV which has just gone past the 28k mile mark, so have a 94Ah i3 on order for June. My i3 is a works vehicle which I use for perhaps 20-30 miles a day generally bombing about...
  4. Picking up my new i3 BEV next week

    Ice Breakers
    hello, I've been lurking for a couple of months and now my i3 is being delivered to Fairfield BMW in Leigh-on-sea today so I thought I'd say hi. Firstly - massive thanks to all on the thread, it's been a great help in informing choices along the way and for the Fleetdrive recommendations...